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Which Categories of Ads Are Available for TikTok Marketing?

TikTok is a very favorable environment for marketers. With an average interaction rate of 17.99 percent, it has one of the finest audiences among social media platforms. It has a receptive audience, and Generation Z, the fastest-growing consumer group, dominates it. Furthermore, it has a sizable worldwide readership from more than 150 nations. Because of these factors, you’ll probably get a sizable return on your advertising investment.

The many ad types available on TikTok are another factor in enterprises’ success. By opening a TikTok advertising account, you can have access to them. Each has a distinct set of characteristics that can aid in expanding the audience your company can reach. To help you make the most of the various TikTok ad types, here is all you need to know about them.

·  Ads in-Feed

The most popular and straightforward approach for adverts on TikTok is in-feed for the best TikTok views. They are the most often used option among brands and may be used with any marketing effort. On the “For you” tab, TikTok shows them with other videos, making them seamlessly fit in with the rest of a user’s stream.

An in-feed advertisement can run for up to 60 seconds. However, 15 seconds is the recommended time frame. In-feed advertisements play automatically; users may comment, like, and share them just like regular content. You can add a call-to-action button that sends visitors to a landing page.

In-feed advertisements must contend for viewers’ attention even though they appear to be natural material and don’t feel pushed. There are countless more videos so that users can swipe through them.

·  TopView Ads

TikTok Marketing

One of the most captivating ad styles on TikTok is the TopView type. Once users open the app, they are shown at the top of the “For you” page and begin to play immediately with sound. TikTok’s TopView commercials are the most prominent, filling the entire screen for up to 60 seconds. They are immersive and don’t have to share the limelight with other videos like in-feed commercials.

The unnatural feeling of TopView advertisements is one of its drawbacks. They resemble ads and may interfere with an app user’s ability to watch content. But because they provide a lot of impressions, page views, and engagements, they’re fantastic for raising brand recognition. Brands can add a call-to-action element to a TopView advertisement to encourage traffic and sales.

· Brand Takeover Ads

The TikTok Brand Takeover advertisements are auto-play and full-screen, much like the TopView advertising. They appear when a user launches the program and plays for three to five seconds without a skip button. Brands have the option of displaying a video or graphic during such time.

Brand Takeover commercials are impactful yet concise, perfect for hashtag challenges and product launches since they can generate a lot of attention. Because TikTok users only see one Brand Takeover advertisement daily, they also lack competition. They are more expensive due to their unique characteristic.

The inability of consumers to like or comment on Brand Takeover advertising is another drawback besides their high cost. The enormous amount of impressions, however, compensates for the low level of interaction.

· Branded Effects

TikTok Marketing

Brands may utilize branded effects, such as filters, stickers, and special effects, on TikTok to promote their products. They are successful with the youthful audience of the platform since they are often flamboyant and stylish.

Because users may employ branded effects to make original content and naturally increase engagement, they don’t feel like advertisements. While these effects may function as a campaign on their own, they are typically utilised in conjunction with a hashtag challenge or other TikTok ad formats for optimal exposure.

However, as digital effects call for specialized abilities, you must have competent, capable individuals on your team. Another drawback is that you could want an influencer’s assistance to get things started.

· Branded Hashtag Challenges

Another kind of advertising that uses user-generated material is branded hashtag challenges. TikTok highlights them in three separate areas of the app: the feed, the Discover page as a featured banner, and the hashtag landing page, where the UGC videos are located. They have the potential to go viral, increase brand exposure, and increase engagement because it’s a format that many TikTok users are accustomed to and like watching.

Branded Hashtag Challenges rely primarily on user interest, even though they appear natural and blend in with the app’s look. Possessing a well-known hashtag or expertise in organizing hashtag challenges would be advantageous.

· Spark Ads

TikTok Marketing

Spark advertising lets businesses promote already-existing content on TikTok if they don’t want to construct an advertisement from scratch. As long as you have their consent, it may be original content from you or user-generated content. Spark advertising is perfect for pieces that have gained much attention or if you want to collaborate with a well-known artist.

They mix in with other films and don’t feel forced, similar to in-feed advertisements. Another option is a call-to-action button that directs users to a landing page or back to the TikTok account that originally submitted the material. A Spark ad’s likes, comments, shares, and followers will all be credited to the original post. Additionally, Spark advertisements provide additional metrics that make it simple for companies to assess the effectiveness of a campaign.


TikTok has a large audience, a high degree of interaction, and various ad types for content creators. As a result, there are many brand success stories on the platform.

TikTok offers businesses the option to think creatively, think outside the box, and engage with a younger audience while remaining within their budget. Make your TikTok commercials unique, engaging, and genuine to your brand if you want them to succeed.





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