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Your Ramadan Shopping List

Ramadan is one of the most joyous occasions for Muslims. Apart from fasting and shopping for groceries and eatables Ramadan is also a time when one shops for Eid. Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the most awaited festivities for Muslims all around the world.

But the busy Ramadan can lead you to miss out on a lot of things on your shopping list that you need for Eid. Fortunate for you everything is organized and taken care of. We have a list of 4 things that are a must-have on your Ramadan shopping list for Eid:

What’s My Ramadan Shopping List?

I usually shop from the unstitched collection for Ramadan’s Jummat-ul-wida and Eid outfits before Ramadan arrives. However in Ramadan I make sure to avail discounts on leading brands. My go-to brand for Ramadan-cum-Eid shopping is Alkaram Studio. But before I start talking about how much I love this brand, let’s get on with our list:

1.  Ready-to-Wear Outfits

Alkaram Studio’s Eid Edit has all the best unstitched and stitched outfits this season. Most of the outfits in the Eid Edit are on sale. However, there are also some new pieces in the collection fresh from the designers just for this Eid that are a must-buy.

I personally love unstitched outfits, but with lots of events to go to, I also invest in ready-to-wear outfits to bring a variety to my Eid wardrobe.

2.  Bedsheets and Cushions

Along with my own wardrobe upgrade, I make sure that I buy new cushions and bed sheets for my home. This makes both me and my home ready to welcome any guests on Eid. Cushions are especially a must-have on Eid. In fact, my guests are always impressed with my sense of style and newness every time they visit my house on such occasions.

For bed sheets and cushions, Alkaram Studio is my choice. And this time with the fabulous 50% Ramadan sale, I have shopped for a lot of cushions and bedsheets. I have even saved some bed sheets to gift to guests when they come for Eid! After all, Eid is all about giving and gifting.

3.   Shoes

I never shop for shoes before Eid because all the shopkeepers and brands put up their old collections during that time. I always shop for shoes during Ramadan so I am getting fresh stock that is on-trend.

Heels are my favorite but depending on the style of the season and my Eid dresses, I have previously also invested in flats and khussas to give a vibrant and complete festive look.

4.  Skincare Products

Throughout Ramadan I pamper my skin a lot. So, my Ramadan shopping list also has the best skincare products. I especially love Korean face masks and follow a good 6-7 step routine at night to make sure that my skin glows!

Healthy skin is my key to rocking every outfit and accessory I wear on Eid. I also spend on hand, nail, and feet care products so they also look great when I wear rings and shoes on Eid days.

Final Words

Your Ramadan shopping list should include more than just groceries for Ramadan. The ideal Ramadan shopping list also includes everything you need for Eid including outfits bed sheets cushions shoes and skincare products. Spending on these things will make sure that you are prepared for Eid and thoroughly enjoy this festive season.

Alkaram Studio is my pick for Ramadan-cum-Eid shopping. It has amazing discounts during Ramadan, so make sure you’re stocking up on all the Eid essentials before they run out! You can browse the collection online or visit your nearest Alkaram Studio store for your shopping.  

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