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How to get illari pixel spray

Unlocking exclusive sprays in Overwatch is always a thrilling endeavor for players. And when it comes to the Illari Pixel Spray, the excitement reaches new heights! This unique spray featuring Illari, one of the game’s beloved heroes, is a coveted item that showcases your dedication and skill. But how exactly can you get your hands on this elusive spray? Fear not! In this article, we’ll guide you through the requirements, provide step-by-step instructions, share some useful tips and tricks to speed up the process, explore alternative methods of obtaining it, and offer our final thoughts on acquiring the Illari Pixel Spray. So gear up and prepare to embark on an epic quest towards unlocking this remarkable cosmetic treasure!

The Requirements for Obtaining the Illari Pixel Spray

The Illari Pixel Spray is a highly sought-after cosmetic item in the popular video game. It allows players to customize their characters with a unique and eye-catching spray design. However, obtaining this coveted spray requires fulfilling certain requirements that can be quite challenging for some players.

Players must reach a specific rank in competitive mode. This means putting in the time and effort to climb the ranks and prove your skills against other skilled players. It’s not an easy feat, but it’s certainly worth it for those who are determined to get their hands on the Illari Pixel Spray.

Additionally, players need to complete a set of achievements related to specific heroes. These achievements often require mastering certain abilities or strategies with each hero, which adds another layer of skill and dedication required.

Furthermore, unlocking the Illari Pixel Spray also demands patience as some achievements may take multiple matches or even seasons before they are completed. Players must persevere through these challenges without giving up if they truly want to obtain this exclusive cosmetic item.

Earning the Illari Pixel Spray requires reaching a particular rank in competitive mode, completing hero-specific achievements, and displaying determination and perseverance throughout the process. Only those who are willing to put in the time and effort will be rewarded with this unique customization option for their characters!

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking the Illari Pixel Spray

Step 1: Start by familiarizing yourself with the Illari Pixel Spray. This exclusive spray can only be obtained through certain in-game achievements, so it’s important to understand what you’re working towards.

Step 2: Begin your quest for the Illari Pixel Spray by playing as Illari, one of the heroes in Overwatch. This spray is specific to this character, so make sure you’ve mastered their abilities and playstyle before moving forward.

Step 3: Dive into competitive gameplay with Illari. To unlock the Illari Pixel Spray, you’ll need to earn a certain number of wins while playing as this hero in competitive matches. It’s not an easy task, but with determination and practice, you’ll get there!

Step 4: Communicate effectively with your team during matches. Coordination and teamwork are crucial when aiming for victories as Illari. Utilize voice chat or text communication to strategize and coordinate your efforts.

Step 5: Stay focused on improving your skills as Illari throughout the process. Watch replays of your matches to identify areas where you can improve and adjust your gameplay accordingly.

Remember, unlocking the Illari Pixel Spray takes time and effort, but don’t let that discourage you! Stay dedicated, keep practicing, and soon enough that coveted spray will be yours!

Disclaimer: The steps provided are based on general knowledge about how to obtain the Illari Pixel Spray in Overwatch. Please note that specific requirements may vary depending on updates made by Blizzard Entertainment.

Tips and Tricks for Earning the Illari Pixel Spray Faster

1. Master Illari’s Abilities: To increase your chances of earning the Illari Pixel Spray, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Illari’s abilities. Practice using her teleportation skills and time manipulation effectively to outmaneuver opponents.

2. Communication is Key: Coordinate with your team members and communicate your strategies effectively. Utilize voice chat or quick messages to plan attacks, defend objectives, or initiate team fights efficiently.

3. Focus on Objectives: Prioritize completing objectives such as capturing or defending control points in game modes like Assault or Control maps. This not only helps you earn more experience points but also contributes towards unlocking the coveted Illari Pixel Spray.

4. Play Smartly and Adapt: Observe enemy movements, anticipate their actions, and adapt accordingly. Don’t hesitate to switch heroes if needed to counter specific enemy compositions that may hinder your progress towards obtaining the spray.

5. Team Up with Friends: Playing alongside friends who are skilled players can significantly increase your chances of winning matches faster and earning more XP per match due to bonuses for playing in a group.

6. Participate in Seasonal Events: Keep an eye on seasonal events where special game modes may offer increased experience gain opportunities or unique challenges related to Illari that can unlock additional rewards including the pixel spray.

Remember, patience is key when attempting to obtain exclusive sprays like the Illari Pixel Spray! With practice, teamwork, and strategic gameplay, you’ll be one step closer to showcasing this prestigious spray in no time!

Other Ways to Obtain the Illari Pixel Spray

In addition to the requirements and step-by-step guide mentioned earlier, there are a few other ways you can try to obtain the Illari Pixel Spray in Overwatch. These methods may require some extra effort or luck, but they can be worth exploring if you’re determined to add this unique spray to your collection.

1. Event Loot Boxes: Keep an eye out for special events in Overwatch, such as seasonal events like Halloween Terror or Winter Wonderland. During these events, Blizzard often introduces limited-time loot boxes that have a chance of containing event-exclusive items, including sprays. Play regularly during these events and maximize your chances of obtaining the Illari Pixel Spray.

2. Trade with Other Players: If you’re part of an active Overwatch community or have friends who play the game, consider trading for the Illari Pixel Spray. Some players may already have duplicate sprays or be willing to trade it for another item they desire. Just make sure any trades you engage in are fair and within the rules set by Blizzard.

3. Watch Twitch Streams: Occasionally, Blizzard will partner with Twitch for special promotions where viewers can earn rewards just by watching certain streams. These rewards can include exclusive sprays like the Illari Pixel Spray. Check out official announcements from both Blizzard and Twitch to stay informed about any upcoming promotions that could help you unlock this elusive spray.

Remember that while these alternative methods offer additional opportunities for acquiring the Illari Pixel Spray, they are not guaranteed solutions. Patience and persistence are key when working towards unlocking rare cosmetics in Overwatch.

So keep playing, participating in events, engaging with fellow players, and staying updated on any promotional collaborations between Blizzard and platforms like Twitch! With dedication and a bit of luck – who knows? You might just find yourself proudly displaying that coveted Illari Pixel Spray before long!

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

When it comes to obtaining the Illari Pixel Spray in Overwatch, perseverance is key. This unique spray can be a badge of honor for any player who manages to unlock it. While the requirements may seem daunting at first, with a little dedication and strategy, you’ll be well on your way to earning this coveted cosmetic item.

Throughout this guide, we’ve outlined the step-by-step process for unlocking the Illari Pixel Spray. From mastering specific heroes’ achievements to showcasing your skills in competitive play, each requirement presents its own set of challenges. However, don’t let that discourage you! Remember that practice makes perfect, and with time and effort invested into improving your gameplay, you’ll find yourself closer to achieving your goal.

In addition to our detailed guide, there are a few tips and tricks we’d like to share that can help speed up your progress towards unlocking the Illari Pixel Spray. First and foremost, communication is key when playing as part of a team. Coordinate strategies with your teammates through voice chat or text chat – effective teamwork increases your chances of success.

Another important aspect is knowing which heroes’ achievements are easiest for you personally. Focus on mastering those heroes first before moving on to more challenging ones. By doing so, you’ll increase efficiency in completing their respective achievements.

Don’t forget about other game modes beyond competitive play! Events such as Arcade mode often offer limited-time opportunities or special conditions that can make earning achievements easier or faster than usual.

To conclude our discussion on how to get the Illari Pixel Spray in Overwatch: remember that every player’s journey will differ slightly based on individual skill levels and preferences. Don’t compare yourself too much with others; instead focus on personal improvement and enjoy the process!

With persistence and determination combined with these helpful tips along the way, unlocking this prestigious spray will become an achievable feat within reach! Good luck out there!


Obtaining the Illari Pixel Spray in Overwatch can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By following the requirements and using our step-by-step guide, you’ll have a better chance of unlocking this unique spray for your collection.

Remember to participate in Competitive Play during the Anniversary event and achieve a rating of 1750 or higher. This will not only increase your chances of obtaining the Illari Pixel Spray but also offer an exciting challenge for seasoned players.

Additionally, don’t forget to utilize our tips and tricks to earn the spray faster. Focusing on heroes with high damage potential like Hanzo, Widowmaker, or McCree can give you an edge in securing those crucial eliminations needed for victory.

If Competitive Play isn’t your preferred mode, there are other ways to obtain the Illari Pixel Spray as well. Keep an eye out for special events where it may become available through loot boxes or limited-time challenges.

In conclusion (oops!), unlocking the Illari Pixel Spray is all about dedication, skill, and perseverance. With some effort and strategic gameplay, you can add this coveted reward to your Overwatch collection!

So gear up, choose your hero wisely, and embark on your journey towards earning that elusive Illari Pixel Spray! Good luck!



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